Wilkommen To New York?

And I write to this blog as if it were a magic crystal ball that can answer all of my questions. And so after having exhausted all of the photos I could take as one of those travailing travelling tourists, and after travelling through what seems like one million Checkpoint Charlies and answering a zillion questions to go along with Check Point Charlie and his papers and forms, I have finally found myself in this City of New York again to which I am used to dwelling in, and going to that Make Music New York Festival that happened yesterday. And who is Checkpoint Charlie anyway, where does he come from and for what reason do I see him every so often, as that could be a whole another blog posting. And I have found myself with a bunch of those who are the terrorist airport horror stories to go along with Checkpoint Charlie and my travels through those airports which can seem like military camps sometimes. And there is the airport falle security story of “For what reason did that guy take my jar of jelly as if it could be an explosive liquid and throw it in the garbage can before I boarded that plane?”, and do all of those people who take travellers goods passing through checkpoint charlie make a party and celebration at the end of each day and consume those goods themselves? And then there is that other Checkpoint Charlie story of the you must fill out this form with seemingly another million questions if you want to enter the united states I-94 U.S. Customs and Border Protection Declaration for american citizens, green card holders, passport holders and visitors form, as it seems to be the United States Customs and their guns in hand coming and going who welcome you to the United States, as they seem to be responsible for protecting the U.S. against illegal importation of prohibited items. And do these prohibited items include all of the guns that are to be found in the United States already? And those Department of Homeland Security CPB immigration people seem to have the authority to question one and ask them their whole life story, simply for wanting to travel around planet mother earth. And what if one does not want to fill out that Customs form 4790? And people seem to be losing their civil liberties and rights at the speed of light in the name of that safety and security thing. And that Customs personal seems like modern day slavery to me where whole families are bought and sold, torn apart and separated in the quest for freedom of travel. And is this immigration video all about that passport and social security act being title number 666 with the upc barcode and the mark of the beast, save no man that he may buy or sell except that he have the mark of the beast thing. And guns are the worst invention of an industry ever. And there is a story today on headline news that reads “Traveler refuses to show ID at airport”. Interesting. And how can a person go to sleep at night with a clear conscience knowing that one has done harm to another whether by pen or sword. And I take it back that Munichs subway system if free of polizei, as I have seen them on those trains with guns all the same. And guns are the worst invention of an industry ever. And so I have posted more photos of my time there in that City. And one of those photos above are at that jazz club the Unterfarht in Munich, Germany where that band Welf Dorr’s Funk Monk played. And Funk Monk in Germany was Christian Elsasser, Heiko Jung and Guido May. Their music rocked and that photo above seems to be in the dark. And then there is another photo of people celebrating the win of Turkey on is it Leopaldstrasse in Munich, as there is fussball fever there every day and everywhere at the moment. And that other photo is of one of those really big windmills found along the highways and country side roads everywhere, as they seem to generate power from wind I guess and appear to be super environmentally conscious for Europe. And those other photos are of an airplane. And I wanted to visit that Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Tour with its motto “Arbeit Macht Free, Work Makes Free” that has since been turned into a tourist attraction and museum memorial to the Holocaust survivors during Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler times. And I did not make it there. And for what reason does that word Auschwitz, the concentration camp, translate into identification i.d. card in English, or does it? Where is the world headed, is there hope for the world? And as a dweller in this City of New York, I no longer find myself attempting to communicate with other people as if I am playing a game of charades from not knowing the language. Have a great day. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State?

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