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I have heard that the only thing constant in life is change. And it seems like times are changing indeed, I guess. And this day is Sunday, that day of Dios, day of rest Sabbath day again. or is that Saturday. And is it still one of those Easter Sundays? And I find myself blahging away about random thoughts again that come to mind. What was is the past few days or so. Oh, the bees are dying, and now that bats are dying, and now the frogs seem to be dying and the price of wheat is going up along with a barrel of oil. Is this the beginning of the eco apocalypse? And what about that big pile of plastic garbage that is floating around out there somewhere in the ocean, the Green Pacific Garbage Patch I believe it is called. And then there is that Go Green climate change is it the beginning of the end 2012 Mayan calendar thing. And Google was dark yesterday when I visited their page, it was black, with a message for Earth Hour, Lights Out America, or turn your lights off day in observance of saving planet mother earth or something like that. And this day, week and month time of the year also seems to be tax, I.R.S. and try and get money if possible for your social security act number 666 mark of the beast, season time again. And aren’t the Treasury and Federal Reserve printing up a bunch of money to cover the current economy collapse, recession, depression, Euro stronger than the dollar, stock market going down hill, foreclosure crisis or something like that. And then there is that Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 payment packet to mail to the Internal Revenue Service. What’s that all about. Is that the save the economy and the world from going downhill or uphill packet or something? And what did; does Caesar have to do with taxes. And for what reason does the word Caesar sound like Czar, or does it? And what is that Roman empire state, that empire state of the imperial emperor king. And who are the slaves and what does that word mean. If only money were free and grew on trees or was not needed at all. If only everything in the world were barter and trade or just free. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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