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Jesus is the reason for the season and the New Year is near. And it seems as if this weekend is that weekend for all of those holiday parties and festivities that take place around this time each year, as it seems as if everyone is having their annual holiday party, office party and every other party this weekend. And as I was ohming, blissing, and nirvinaing my way towards that yoga, music and art event that I blah blogged about the other day, I thought to myself, oh my God. For what reason does the words oh my God contain the first three letters of the word Ohm. Or is it for what reason are the first three letters of the word oh my God ohm. Does that mean anything? And I guess that is another one of those rearrangement of words that I come across every so often that could be relevant or mean nothing at all. And what does the word Ohm mean anyway. That could be a question for the yoga guru I guess. Ohm Shanti. Peace and love, and goodwill to all mankind.

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