The Streets

Critical Mass, Transportation Alternatives and Times Up are a few of the groups that I can think of that address pedestrian and bicycle safety due to the automobile. And it seems like a problem that needs to be addressed more than ever in the crowded streets of the New York City area. In today’s times, there seems as if there are more cars and congestion on the street, as every street is a highway in this town and it seems to be an open field for pedestrian deaths as if one is disposable roadkill, being that motorists are most likely never even penalized when deaths occur in these types of situations. And I realize that one is taking their life in their own hands when they board a bicycle in this town, or even to leave home in any type of transportation vehicle, but more and more these days, the bicycle. And when I see the light turn green and say “walk”, I run, as there is no speed limit and there is an open and free for all for the automobile. And then there is the car door, an issue that was addressed on the front of yesterdays Metro. And it is the death lottery system again, to hope that that a car door does not open in your path as one is riding their back down the street, as there is hardly any space for a bicycle path on either side on the streets of New York to begin with. And I am glad to read that this issue is being address by the media and advocates to make New York a more bicycle friendly town. I hear that in other countries such as Vietnam, or Japan, or China, that bicycles and moped abound on the streets, and that cars are fewer. I would hope that their pedestrian death rates are fewer or nonexistent as a result of these practices. I think I can remember years ago when the streets were not so crowded with automobiles and I can only hope that some sort of law will be changed where one does not have to fear for ones life on the streets of New York City because of the automobile. Have a great day.

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