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End of an Era

I guess it is the end of an era in Rock N Roll. The news reports say Hilly Kristal, the founder of CBGB’s punk rock club in New York City on the Bowery has passed away. It is almost as if he could have predicted the date of his passing with the closing of the well known club last year. I am not sure what much I can say about CBGB’s that has not already been said about what it embodies and represents in its history as a club for some sort of freedom in music. Only that may he rest in peace and that this marks an end of an era, not only for CBGB’s, but for the Bowery and the New York Citiy real estate scene in an era of gentrification. Maybe the legend will live on somehow, though New York may never be the same. A cycle that is ever changing.

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One thought on “End of an Era

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