Addicted Again?

It’s a rehabilitation nation again. Are you addicted to something? Life, love, happiness, the Internet, TV, crackberry blueberrys, cell phones or other high tech gadgets, food, sleep, drugs or anything else in life? Do you use any of these things a lot? I could be an Internet addict as I sometimes see those 50 signs you are a blogaholic in myself and could maybe use Blogaholics Anonymous or an anti Internet get sleep soon routine or an Internet Anonymous, IA meeting as I sometimes find myself blah blah blogging away these days. And sometimes you may be addicted to life and are looking for a magic potion to take you to Nirvana blissville dreamland and ease away the pain of life, if there is any pain to be found in life and you may ask Calgon to take you away.And what if you are addicted to drugs, or addicted to the magic potions that take you to peaceland blissville? Do you suffer withdrawal? Well, I love pot, I used to squat, smoke pot and like it a lot. But now I got burnout. I could be in need of some rehab. Should drugs be legalized? What would NORML, Narco News and High Times have to say about this? If you are a junkie or a drug addict and are addicted to drugs,painkiller addiction treatmentmay be just the thing for you. 1-800-nodrugs.com is a treatment referral service to help you find a rehabilitation center for your individual needs. They offer an international network for every drug treatment and service under the sun and will help you find that one rehab center that will work for you. I am not sure if swimming pools, steam rooms, saunas, libraries or computer rooms are included in these rehab services referrals also. Their website offers rehabilitation information for the nation and the thousands of rehab centers in a nation near you. And if anyone asks just say we’re High on Life. This is a sponsored post.

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