To Paradise and Back

And so I went to this all you can eat free food buffet party the other day in the green mountain state of Vermont of all places. and all of the conversations with the other guests turned into an interesting conversation, so much that I wanted to pull out a pen and pad and take notes to blah blog about it later before I forgot it all. Maybe that could be one of the 50 signs you’re a blogaholic. And some of the conversations that I do remember were mostly about real estate as usual, and the lady from Kentucky which brought us to the conversation of the Mason Dixon line where she lives and all of the slavery museums located there. What exactly is the Mason Dixon Line, some sort of invisible dividing line? That’s a whole another topic. And then there was the conversation that turned political with “Do you watch the news?”. To which a reply was about the Court Jesters being the only ones who tell the truth with news or something like that. Ans so I returned to the city, New York City as my mini day trip ended and then I realized when I saw the barrage of advertising with half of the ads implying and referring to violence, that Vermont has a no billboard law. The state of Vermont is all green mountains and not a single sign, billboard or advertisement to be found in sight. What a stark contrast to New York City. And the urban city dweller arrives in me again as space becomes an issue amongst the density of the city population and the sea of humanity as I walk the streets of Manhattan. Welcome to New York.
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