The Deli Magazine Rocks

Hey Bloggers, oh my rockness. I have written an article for The Deli Magazine. The Deli Magazine Rocks! They are all about the NYC Indie Rock Scene! And they rock. I recognize The Deli Magazine as one of my MySpace friends and I also see their magazine in a lot of musicians top eight, so they must rock. I am happy to be able to review music for their magazine because their magazine rocks. The blog entry is titled “Zambri: tiny sisters with huge potential, tonight at Fat Baby”, and that photo of them that goes along with the entry is way cool.
If you happen to be online, you can read it at The Deli Magazine


You can read it as follows:

Zambri are creatures with a passion for playing music is basements, streets and various other places. With two sisters Jessica Z and Cristi Jo Z, Carrie I. (who is reported to play bass and electronics with her boots!?) and a couple of guys later, the Z club is born. Their new EP “Aliens” is available now, with a record cover that introduces us to a cool Zambri logo – that somehow reminds us of the squatter anarchist symbol from days long gone in The Lower East Side. I must confess that the infectious lyrics and melody from “God” keep playing over and over in my head. Zambri music is a good fun and sweaty pop – besides, that boot playing bass and electronics must be an awesome sight to see! You can catch them tonight at Fat Baby and on 09.14 at The Lolita Party @ Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg.

Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind

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