I Need A Vacation

As I seem to be writing endlessly this past month, it’s summertime. I could use a vacation and I am not exactly sure from what and to where. I was able to experience the world on the travel channel, Globe Trekker TV today for my cyber vacation and I went on a virtual reality vacation without having to leave home and travel through the mass sea of humanity in the surrounding area of this neighborhood. I was able to turn on the television and watch the travel channel and pretend I was travelling to the places I saw on TV. I visited lots of mountains and lakes and stayed in a lot of hostels and hotels and I even visited the Danish Christiana squat in Denmark, their community is freedom and utopia although they are oppressed by the polizei policies there. I saw a lot of the coolest rituals and places today, all through someone else’s eyes. Wow, what an adventure I had today from the convenience of home, all for free. There are some good programs on TV despite the majority of television being crap. Now back to reality. Have a great day.

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2 thoughts on “I Need A Vacation

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been missing traveling, too.. How come, when one feels like they finally have the life experiences to put things into perspective, there are always jobs/bills/responsibilities to attend to (and therefore, it is hard to find the time or the money to travel??)

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