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The Bystander

“Attorney claims cop punched him, wife”. That is one of the many horrific headlines in today’s Metro New York Newspaper. And one of the many horrific headlines around the world that occur and are occurring on a daily basis with no end in sight. The article states a civil rights attorney and his wife were both punched in the face by a police sergeant after they tried to stop cops from beating a handcuffed teen. And so this similar situation has happened to me and so this situation may have happened to others at one point in ones life. You are a witness to an incident as a passerby and you intervene only to be oppressed yourself. And there are too many of these “Person leaves home, gets caught in crossfire and never makes it back” stories these days. What does one do when you are a witness, an innocent bystander to an incident involving the polizei, a passerby caught in the middle of crossfire of gun play of people who have guns, whether civilians or state sponsored militia? Of people who may think they are cool simply because they have a gun and get their power through the barrel of a gun. It has become the wild, wild west. Caine and Abel are everywhere and the images of guns and violence are everywhere in the media and reflected in our society and culture. The latest trend in advertising by seemingly a lot of people involved in entertainment is of a picture, poster, or photo of a person holding a gun pointed at your face. How has the standards, morals, and values of this world declined this far in these days to where it has now become cool and trendy to portray images and references to violence in all forms of media and advertisement. It seems as if from the beginning of time in cinema, film, television and movies that there has been bad boy characters with guns in their hands to tell humanity on planet earth that it is okay and almost glamorous to kill people. Does not media and violence influence our culture? Is not the media propagating and programming the world to become violent? For what reason is violence entertaining? Is not the media feeding violence to the people? Is it George Orwell’s hate hour every hour? It could be that vicious circle again where crime feeds the media which feeds the advertisers which feeds the population which feeds the media which feeds the crime which feeds the advertisers which feeds the population and so on and so on and so on. It seems to be an industry that keeps everyone in business. What would happen if nobody died tomorrow? And people are losing their lives on a daily basis with no end in sight from this sort of thought, for reason at all. I am only one blogger, one voice. I average about 30 page views a day, I think. Who could actually be paying attention to what I say and write in my appeal to banish guns from every human being on planet earth for peace on earth. Mayors To End Gun Violence, maybe? God Not Guns? The National Rifle Association? The inventor of guns and gunpowder? Who is going to try and change the world, try and create a more peaceful world. Ghandi? Martin Luther King? Jesus Christ? This grip of evil, Satan, seems to have been let loose for a thousand years roaming the earth, seeking to whom he may devour. The Babylon confusion and anomaly is everywhere. Where are we in this state of the world? Is there hope for the world, for this generation in these days, in these times? As these times can be hell on earth, and what are these days, these times? Freedom for all. Is another world possible? And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Have a great day.

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