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Summer Beach Castle Time

Summer Solstice was yesterday and according to the calendar, summer has officially begun. It’s summer beach time again. It’s summer vacation time when you may go to your favorite vacation spot. It’s that time of year to pack the picnic baskets, get the beach balls out of the closet and whatever your beach items of choice may be in gear. The ocean is waiting and the blue skies are calling. And whenever I go to the beach, I am always looking for that great beach activity to do, whether it be volleyball, listening to music, jogging up and down the beach, swimming in the ocean or just plain relaxing and lying in the sun. And sandcastles are a fun thing to make on the beach. I’ve always wanted to build myself a castle. If you love creating sandcastles, you can now Build A Sandcastle and create and send your very own virtual sandcastle e card without having to go to the beach to build it. I built My Castle E Card. You can build your own sandcastle at the Beaches website and find great featured beach and resort specials while you are at it too. Their virtual sandcastle is very fun to play around with and easy to use. You can select your castle and drag it to the beach, add beach accessories and save your castle as Wallpaper or send your castle e-card to a friend. You can also visit their sandcastle gallery. Let your imagination run wild when you build your luxurious playground. This is a sponsored post.

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