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Pay Per Post Rocks

As I have always said, I am forever looking for ways to make money online as a blogger. There are a few paid blogging services out there in bloggersville and from what I’ve learned ever since I started blogging and doing all of those Google searches, Pay Per Post seems to be the most popular blogging service and they are the way to go. At PayPerPost, bloggers get paid for blogging and advertisers can advertise on blogs. PayPerPost rocks and they are all the rage. It seems as if being approved by PayPerPost was the ultimate goal for me to achieve as a blogger, and yeaahh, now that I’ve been approved by PayPerPost I can see what all of the hype is about. First of all, I love the way their page looks, it’s just fun to even look at. Their page has lots of graphics and cool colors and their blogger dashboard features looks way cool and they send emails with announcements for jobs. You can even find movie, film and theater opportunities to review on their site, which I have yet to come across on other paid blogging services sites. And their blogging opportunities seem to be endless. PPP is the Hollywood of paid blogging services and I look forward to writing reviews for them. I finally feel as if I have made it to the big time as a blogger in the blogosphere. Now if only I can just increase my Google page ranking to a 10 so that I can qualify for the featured and big green opportunities on their site. I envision myself as being featured as one of their all time top earners one day. Then, maybe I can quit my day job. Hey PayPerPost, you rock.

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