May Day

May Day

Information is strength, knowledge is power. Workers of the world unite. Here are some interesting May Day events of note:

Blackkat will have its annual Blackkat Mayday party. Blackkat organized the first annual Squatter Mayday parties fifteen years ago at Tompkins Square Park. These days squatters have been thrown out and bought out and squatting no longer exists on the Lower East Side which is now called the East Village, so the most recent mayday parties are of the rave scene. There will be techno, drum and heavy jungle beats with Atomic Babies, Collin Strange, DJ Sascha, Balls, and the Blackkat crew’s Jason BK, Amok vs. Madaro, and Chrome will be spinning everything. Guest speakers will be civil rights attorney Norman Siegel, Missy Galore and NYC Dance Parade. There will be tables by Dancesafe, Indymedia,Metropolis in Motion, Drug Policy Alliance,NYMAA,Tristatebiodiesel and more. Tuesday, May 1st from 2 to 6 at Tompkins Square Park, seventh street and Avenue A.

There will also be a May Day Parade May 1st,with Kenny Wollesen’s marching band, The Himalayas with Nick Gianni, Chantal Ughi, Jennifer Harris, Michael Irwin, Welf Dorr, Daniel Jodecy, Dalius Nojo, Malik, Ian, John Zorn, Jesse Selengut, Ilhan, Zebulon, Bill Frisell, Avram, Brian Drye, Jeff Pearlman, Rob Just, Butch Morris, Jesse Harris, Michael Kerr, Jesse Murphy, Tosso Hettinger, Jonathan Finlayson, Jonathon Haffner, Bill Ware, Graham Haynes, Clark Gayton, Steve Walsh and many others at Union Square Park, noon.
The Himalayas

Also, The NYC May 1 Coalition will be having a National May Day Movement Rally & March for Worker & Immigrant Rights at Union Square Park at 4pm. For more information visit MayDayMovement

On Cinco De Mayo,Saturday May 5, organizer Dana Beal will hold a Global Marijuana March Global Marijuana March . The event will start off in Washington Square Park from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Then the drug legalization advocates will march across Eighth St. to Tompkins Square Park.
Visit for information about the march nearest to you.

And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Happy May Day.

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