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And on this day is Sunday, that sabbath day of rest, or is that Saturday. And yet I find myself blah blogging away for some reason on this blog. And for some reason that verse from the bible comes to mind, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head”. And that other verse, “A brother is born for adversity”. And a friend mentions to me that war is a business. Is war a business? And is it George Orwell’s statement from that nineteen eighty four movie, the war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. And another friends mentions that another friend has been denied entry to that country of the United States, or deported from a country for various reasons. And what does that word immigration mean, to migrate, to travel? Does that internet bible dictionary Wikipedia have an entry for that. And I have heard horror stories of whole families being separated, destroyed and torn apart from this idea of Immigration And Naturalization Services, INS company that seems to be some form of modern day slavery to me. And what about those visas, green cards, forms, applications, petitions, employment, interviews, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, residence alien from outer space, illegal aliens, refugee, asylee, settlement, immigrant, nonimmigrant, genealogy, nationality, naturalization things. What does this all mean. Are we all not foreigners and strangers in this land. The whole idea that one can prevent another from travelling freely from one place to another on this planet of earth I can not comprehend. And has humanity become slave to computers, that modern invention of technology, to where one is no longer a human, but becomes a robot to technology, a machine, some sort of beast like thing. No one is free when others are oppressed. And so I thought to post a blog entry that I posted a while ago on this blog.:

The Passport

For what reason is the number of that passport immigration law that prohibits freedom of travel amongst humanity anywhere on planet earth, and that Section 666 Social Security Act, cashless society, national I.D., the number of your name to receive any state services and everything else in between thing, 666? Is this that save no man that he may buy or sell except that he have the mark of the beast thing in the book of Revelations. Is this written in prophecy somewhere. Did George Orwell or Nostradamus predict this? Is that a coincidence or on purpose that this law has the same number of that beast thing. And who or what is the beast, and what is that mark on ones right hand or forehead. What does that mark represent or mean, if anything. And what’s up with that UPC bar code photo that I placed in this blog entry. And for what reason do all universal product codes contain this number. What the heck does that mean? Is that the number of the beast, the number of man? And what’s that New World Order, Verichip and RFID tag thing all about. Big Brother, Brave New World and technology are here and that’s a whole another blog posting. And I have heard so many green card immigration nightmare stories about green card marriages, lotteries and green card everything else in between. Of people leaving a country and not being able to return for whatever reason. And the stories of loss of life while crossing a border, whether by land or sea. And for what reason are there boarders, divisions, restrictions, barriers and territories of land in this world. And for what reason are people not free to travel anywhere in the world without the permission of someone else. Who invented this concept. Is it possible to undo this passport, visa, citizenship, where are your papers to come here law so that everyone can be free to travel anywhere in this world. For what reason does this concept exist. And who is a foreigner. Aren’t we all strangers in this land. Is another world possible. No one is free when others are oppressed. It is Sunday today, day of God, a day of rest. Or is that Saturday, the Sabbath, Sabado. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?
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A State Of Police

Hey Bloggers, and being that I am on the topic of headlines and news again, what are these headlines all about from emails that have been sitting in my email inbox for a while now with titles like “MTV Warns Viewers of Looming Police State”, a video that is to be found here, “Endgame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement” another video that is from one of those NewPacifica Yahoo Group emails that I have somehow found myself subscribing to. And then there’s “Crime-ridden Arkansas town expands 24-hour curfew” another Yahoo News story, and then there is that one that is on the Yahoo Home Page at the moment as I type this blog entry, “Not Patriotic Enough?, A man gets ejected from Yankee Stadium for leaving his seat during “God Bless America.” And for what reason does the word patriot have the word traitor, riot, or parent in it, maybe. And I could click on the title of these emails to read what they are all about, and from what those headlines say it gives me the question, is it a state of police and policies. And what would George Orwell, nineteen eighty four and Aldous Huxley and that Brave New World novel have to say about this, if anything. Is there hope for the world, where is the world headed. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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Tompkins Square Park

And there seems to be a new book of photography from Powerhouse Books called “Tompkins Square”, with photographs in black and white by Q. Sakamaki and essay by Bill Weinberg that has appeared this week in memoriam of the 20th Anniversary of the Tompkins Square Park Riots in that Park, that park everywhere in that former New York City neighborhood of the Lower East Side, that is now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes maybe. I know this book has been written because a friend, The Village Voice, The New York Times, The New York Press, The Villager and other newspapers this week say so. And that book seems to be about documenting the history of that park then and now, its symbol of resistance, its bandshell long torn down, lost and forgotten, it’s homeless encampments, its home for the homeless, its abandoned buildings,its tents, its affordable housing, its squatters squats, its riots, its protests, its arrests, its evictions, its police confrontations, its Squatter May Day Concerts, its festivals, its AIDS souls, its punk rockers, its hippies, its Dinkinsville, its Avenue A,B,C and D Alphabet City scene, Its La Plaza Cultural, its neighborhood, its 80’s, 90’s and pre gentry gentrification, genocide era, its destruction and its resurrection. And it is a book of photos and there seems to be lots of historical and archival photos of that neighborhood and times indeed in that book. And there was a book launch and 20th Anniversary Commemoration at the Powerhouse Arena just yesterday I believe, to commemorate that park and era I guess. And this book seems to be a book to read. Squatters Rights… The Squatters Are Your Neighbors…No Housing No Peace…Squat The World…No one is free when others are oppressed…Is another world possible…Long Live CBGB’s. Long Live The Lower East Side. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?
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This Summer Tour

Now political comedy and satire shows are something I could watch sometimes, as they can usually give you a more realer point of view and understanding of the meaning of politics, whatever that could be. And Glenn Beck has a political satire comedy summer tour coming to a city near you. You can get to know Glen in select theaters nationwide and at the Dallas show July 17 that will be broadcasted live via FathomEvents. And that “Right To Bear Arms” video he has on is website is interesting. And you can also find books, interviews, headlines, featured videos, Glen Beck’s Store and much more at his website. And if you happen to be looking for politics and satirical comedy, Glenn Beck is the place to look.
Sponsored by NCM Fathom

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The Fifth Of May

And today, well actually yesterday according to the clock, was cinco de mayo, the fifth of may. Isn’t that some sort of holiday. And there is a cyclone in the news, many people have lost their lives to a natural disaster to planet mother earth. And I received yet another one of those Todd Eaton emails today that seem to be all protest all the time for every single cause that one can think of to save the world. And I deleted it somehow, as I thought it interesting enough to repost again. And it was about a protest tomorrow, or Friday for the latest person to lose their life to the police and gun violence. And this leads me to asking myself that question, for what reason are there so many police in New York City, its NYC MTA subway system and the world, and are there any states without police. And actually for what reason are there guns in the world. Guns are the worst invention of an industry ever. Is it possible to have a world without guns and to banish guns from every human being on the face of planet earth and to banish guns from every form of advertising and marketing and media outlet on planet earth. Does not media and advertising influence and program society. And is it possible to rewrite that fourth amendment to say the right to bear sticks and stones, or nothing, instead of the right to bear arms, as if property is worth more than human life. And it is a story that has been told yesterday and will be told tomorrow with no end in sight, that another person loses their life to gun violence for no reason at all except for the fact that guns have been invented. It is a cycle that feeds on itself. Where is the world headed. Is another world possible. No one is free when others are oppressed. And that could be a whole another blog posting. And now I have found myself looking all over the internet for that Todd Eaton email that seems as if it is lost in internetland and seemingly does not want to be found again without an email subscription. And although I can not find it again, I came across A NY Protest Calendar website that had a similar listing posted for this event:

Wednesday May 7: Sean Bell CD volunteer or risk arrest

“people who want to volunteer and be arrested send an email or call 212-690-3070.”

Latest below had been released to NY1.com, which story claimed the Wednesday 3:00 pm meeting points were for folks actually seeking to risk arrest, not only for folks offering support. This below from Rayblin instead says you must RSVP by phone or e-mail in advance to learn CD locations.

Rayblin wrote:
For those who wish to support and not be arrested, the coalition is asking for support by appearing at any of the following sites by 3:00 pm. The locations for Wednesday’s gatherings are as follows:

1. Third Avenue at 125th Street;
2. Park Avenue at 34th Street
3. Third Avenue at 60th Street
4. Varick and Houston Streets
5. One Police Plaza; behind 1 Centre St.
6. 415 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, House of the Lord Church

Support Sean Bell and Family – Calling All Civil Disobedients


Sean Bell’s Family seeks your support. They have solicited the support of Reverend Daughtrey, of the House of the Lord Church, the National Action Network, and various City Council Members, including Charles Barron, to work with the community to develop a people’s strategy for justice.

They have initiated organizing efforts at 1199’s Martin Luther King Auditorium, where community leaders and concerned people met to discuss possible actions and collective demands. The Civil Disobedience Committee, where people volunteer to gather in various locations throughout the city, hold hands for a city wide Pray-in, and sit-down until arrested.

Below is a quote from Al Sharpton that explains best the goals of the Civil Disobedience and all other related actions:

The goal of the protests is to tie up traffic and force police to make arrests. Sharpton says the protests will continue on a weekly basis, leading up to what he hopes will be a citywide shutdown. “If you’re not going to lock up the guilty in this town, then I guess you’re going to have to lock up the innocent. Since you won’t lock up the cops, then lock up those that are fighting for justice,” said Sharpton.

“On Wednesday, please come out and we’re going to do this peacefully, like we always have,” said Paultre-Bell, Sean Bell’s Widow.

I am asking for people who want to volunteer and be arrested to send an email to: the.frontlines at yahoo.com. Please bear in mind that the goal is to be arrested, not confront the police. This is a city wide pray in. Time and place of actual meeting place will be available once having being identified as a Civil Disobedient.

Each team of CD volunteers will have one lawyer who will work to ensure that every single member is released as soon as possible, once arrested. Each team will be headed by two captains who will work to coordinate contact information, do crowd control, and all other issues related to the Civil Disobedience action. Each team will have one staff person from National Action Network helping to coordinate and support.

For those who wish to support and not be arrested, the coalition is asking for support by appearing at any of the following sites by 3:00 pm. The locations for Wednesday’s gatherings are as follows:

1. Third Avenue at 125th Street
2. Park Avenue at 34th Street
3. Third Avenue at 60th Street
4. Varick and Houston Streets
5. One Police Plaza
6. 415 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

“There will be small groups in each place and they will meet there at the same time and at the same time we are going to have a city-wide pray-in,” said Sharpton. “Where we going those that know won’t say and those that say don’t know.”

Otherwise come and support at any of the following six sites and be there by 3 pm

And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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Make Music New York

Hey bloggers, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, I will be performing my No Police State song for anyone who shows up at the Green Oasis Garden, 8th Street between Ave C and D in New Yorks East Village, Saturday June 21st from 1pm-2pm as part of this years 2nd annual Make Music New York musical celebration. And in case you haven’t done so yet, you can sign up at Make Music New York to be a participating artist.

Make Music New York is a new live, free musical celebration across the city that takes place each June 21—the longest day of the year.

On that day, public space throughout the five boroughs—sidewalks, parks, community gardens, and more—become impromptu musical stages, dance floors, and social meeting points. Thousands of amateur musicians, in every genre, perform on sidewalks for the biggest crowds of their lives. Professional musicians perform for new audiences, who come out from under their headphones to hear unfamiliar groups risk-free. And everyone is invited to sing along and enjoy the first day of summer.

And in other thoughts, I received this email from Galinsky who does those really cool Manhattan Monologue Slams. And I thought this email looks interesting to repost:

Speak Out through New York Film Academy Tomorrow

Calling all friends, collegues and actors who have something to say

Join us in Union Square Park and express yourself in the New York Film Academy’s “I’m Mad As Hell…” video series

Tomorrow Tuesday April 29th, 10am-5pm rain or shine
Shooting in the South End of Union Square Park, under the Red NYFA Tent

Upset with something? Perhaps a recent court verdict? Perhaps the election process? Perhaps our pop culture has you thinking?

Speak out, comment and sound off on any subject you like. We want 30 seconds to one minute of your opinion/performance on anything from current news events, to the election, to your thoughts about the newest movie premieres, sporting events, cultural happenings, whatever! We will shoot and post it on You Tube for the world to see and hear you.

If you have something to say about the latest police acquitted verdict, We are going to capture and present all related materials and set up a special area on YouTube

Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?
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A Status Quo

The status quo. Did I spell that right? And what heck is a status quo. Isn’t that term usually called the status quota or something. And what does that mean? A quota that is a status. A quota that is stat. And what is the state of the status quota, quo, quote. Doesn’t that usually have something to do with everything must or should be the same, the cookie cutter approach or something. And I have heard the term used during times past in phrases such as ” To meet a quota for the day,” what is that all about. Wiki Wikipedia, that Internet bible dictionary, must have an answer for this term I think. I should go and read what they have to say about this now. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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The American stock market is plunging and the dollar is falling so the headlines say today. And the Federal Reserve Bank can not seem to print up enough money to cover all of the debt fast enough it seems. And now the headlines say that the international market is falling as a result. What does that mean? Should everyone start paying their loans back to get the world out of debt? And what’s that delinquent loans, foreclosures and federal interest rate cut thing all about in the news lately. Is the world economy headed for another one of those recession depression eras again. Will housing be free and squats prevail in the foreseeable future as a result of this stock market thing. Or is that some Utopian dream. And what is the purpose of jails again. What was life like before the invention of jails. Was it dungeons. Is no one free while others are oppressed. Or is that another one of those Utopian visions again. And somewhere in the midst of reading those headlines of the day and MySpacing, I came across someones MySpace page about peace and politics, that had a sentence that read, “We need more propaganda, not less propaganda”. And this sentence led me to think, what the heck does propaganda mean, to propose? I have heard of that word before. Is this blog propaganda? And I once saw a sentence, “The American flag propagates violence”. What the heck is that all about. Isn’t that George Orwell 1984 Big Brother book about propaganda or something. And what does that Internet bible dictionary Wikipedia have to say about this word. Isn’t this a political word or something. I guess I will look up this word after I finish blah blogging about it, and whatever this word may mean, have a great propaganda day. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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The Elections

I have been reading, seeing and hearing in the news lately the lost of many lives due to the elections that are taking place this time of year around the world. People in Kenya, Pakistan, and Sudan are perishing and losing their lives protesting elections that seem to have been rigged or something by people in office in other countries. Does power and authority breed corruption. What happens when elections cause people to perish in demonstration, rallies or any other means of seeking fairness and faith in the way the world operates. Has this type of who says how the world operates or else thing happened in civilization throughout time And I once saw these buttons that read “Don’t vote for organized crime, if voting changed anything it would be illegal”. Yet what other system is there in a system of democracy. Anarchy,communism, socialism, tribalism, hippieism, utopiaism or any other ism. And then there is that topic of guns again. What was life like before the invention of guns. Guns are the worst invention of an industry ever and that’s a whole another blog posting. Win or lose. No one is free while others are oppressed. Is another world possible. And what does this have to to do with a No Police State?

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I’ve been receiving those New York City area protest calendar announcements in my email inbox from Todd Eaton every week or so for quite a while now. And I can not even remember how I even wound up subscribing to the list in the first place. And somehow I am a subscriber to this New York protest list that seems to be all protest all the time. I imagine if one wanted to be a 24 hour 365 day a year protester and attender of rallies, demonstrations and political events to help save the world, this list would be the list to consult, as it seems as if it has every single political cause, protest, event and party listed in the New York City area. And so I found this weeks calendar interesting to repost. And those links below are clickable in his emails, though I could not get them to be clickable in that sample protest calendar below. Have a great politicking day.

PART 1: ONE-TIME PROTESTS & TALKS with dates, as of Sat. Jan. 5 (only street & court actions are in bold type)

1/5 SAT: protest Wash. Sq. Pk arborcide, privatization

1/5 & Saturdays: Palestine Action Union Sq NEW HOURS


1/5 SAT: protest Handyfat unionbuster mass-firing – CANCELLED

1/5 SAT: IWW protest unionbuster mass-firing (8:30 AM/nr Morgan Av/see map)-

1/5 SAT: `Party w/ some Socialists` (it`s back on)

1/5 SAT: open Justice For Brad meeting (a.m.)

1/5 SAT: “party with socialists” CANCELLED

1/5 SAT: plan resistance to NYC port militarization (RSVP)

from 1/5 SAT: Queer Justice League mtgs, events

1/5 SAT: `NYC Elections–The Insider View`

1/5 SAT: benefit for DRUM

1/5 SAT: Socialist Party holiday pot luck Jesse Jackson conference from 1/5 SAT

1/5 SAT: benefit for Desis Rising Up & Moving (DRUM)

1/6 SUN: Bronx procession for exploited workers

1/6 SUN Protest Huntingdon Life Sciences Customers in NYC

1/6 SUN: Pedestrian Memorial Walk

1/6 SUN: Cyclists` & Pedestrians` Memorial Ride & Walk

1/6 SUN: stop displacement in El Barrio

1/6 SUN: 3rd Annual Memorial Ride for Fallen Cyclists-

1/6 SUN: recycle electronics

1/6 SUN: Recycled Electronics Collection Drive

1/7 MON Freegan mtg & trash tour

1/7 MON, court support: `Bushwick 32` defendants

from 1/7 MON: court support for brutality cases

1/7 MON: plan anarchist propaganda

Trial Dates for Victims of NYPD Misconduct (from 1/8 TUE)

1/8 TUE: Court support – Juanita Young (Bronx Supreme Court 10 a.m.)-

1/9 WED: support `Parade W`out A Permit` trial defendant

1/9 WED: `Immigration Policies & HIV`

1/9 WED: `My Journey as an Abortion Doctor`

1/9 WED: making solar happen in NYC

1/9 WED mtg: plan Code Pink NYC actions

1/10 THU: Joel Kovel `Overcoming Zionism` at Revolution Books

1/11 FRI: actions to stop torture

1/11 FRI: rally againxg grand jury political repression of Puerto Rican activists

1/11 FRI: Shut Down Guantanamo (NY & DC actions; NY map)

Jan. 11th-Support PRican Grand Jury Resisters

Jan. 11th-Support PRican Grand Resisters

1/11 FRI: court support f/ Puerto Rican Independistas (Brooklyn Fed Court)-

1/11 FRI: Funeral for Habeas Corpus (D.C.)-

Shut Down Guantanamo: January 11, 2008 (NY & DC actions)-

1/11 FRI: veganism workshop (corrected date)


1/12 SAT: Domestic Workers United gala

1/13 SUN, film: `Occupation 101`

1/13 SUN, film: `Children of Heaven` (Human Face of Iran series)

1/13 SUN: VFP Tribute to David Cline

1/13 SUN: Dave Cline Celebration & Memorial

1/14 MON: trial support from Spring 07 stock exchange action-

1/17 THU: court support for U.N. protest arrestees-

1/17 THU: `Wobblies: Progressive Era Interracial Unionism`

1/17 THU: ‘IWW, first truly interracial union’ (book talk)

from 1/18 FRI: Howard Zinn’s `Marx In Soho` (2 nights)

1/18 FRI: Defend Victor Toro rally

immigrant & refugee rights conference (from 1/18 FRI)

Brecht Forum Upcoming Events thru 1/19

1/19 SAT: MDS activist convergence POSTPONED

1/19 SAT: `San Francisco 8` trial update w/ defendant (at RiB)

from 1/19 SAT: Theatre of the Oppressed workshops

1/21 MON: MLK Day labor march

1/21 MON: Martin Luther King Day March Ag. Racism

1/21 MON: IWW March on all the warehouses

1/24 THU: urge anti-war pedestrians call Congress from street

power & privilege workshops from 1/26 SAT (ALP)

1/26 SAT: Luis Miranda, ¡Presente!

1/27 SUN: Iran slide show, talk (Human Face of Iran series)

1/27 SUN: tribute to families of polit. prisoners

1/28 MON: Lynne Stewart gathering

1/29 TUE: Lynne Stewart court support

Lynne Stewart Oral Argument on Appeal – date changed 1/29

1/31 THU: `trans people in NY prisons`

1/31 THU: disabilities tax credits & benefits w`kshop

JAN. 31 THU: `Abolition of the State: Anarchist & Marxist Perspectives`


from 2/11 MON: The Longest Walk

2/12 TUE: March Against Wage Slavery CANCELLED

2/23 SAT: Fat Queer Visibility & Action (conference)

3/14 FRI: Left Forum (conference)

from 3/15 SAT: Iraq war anniv. march (D.C.)

May 1, 2008 in Minnesota

May 2008 Critical Race Studies in Education Conf

MAY 2008 Augusto Boal to Lead Two Workshops

June 2008: `pre-booking jail diversion`

June 2008: Imprisoned People w/ Psychiatric Disabilities forum

6/4 WED: `Rights for Imprisoned w/ Psychiatric Disabilities` (conf)

6/6 FRI: `Nationalism & Globalization in Conflict & Transition`

street medic planning for RNC Sept 2008 protests

`U.S. Out of Iraq!` march: Sept 1, 2008 at RNC/Minneapolis,


Bluestockings January Events Calendar

January Events at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

UFPJ calendar (from 1/5 SAT)

A recent note that the riseup people sent us

`A Question of Impeachment` series thru 1/16 (talks)

December Freegan Events Calendar

Freegan events thru 1/29

Flor De Mayo delivery worker pickets Tuesdays & Saturdays

Harm Reduction Trainings


mostly anti-war vigils

NYCABC political prisoner event calendar thru 12/22

NYPROTEST uses riseup.net’s subscriber-funded servers: please help those folks keep this + 10,000 other lists running

ongoing 123 Community Space projects

Saigon Grill delivery worker pickets Mondays & Saturdays (call)

Time’s Up! events thru Jan. 4

Witness Against Torture actions

Writers Guild daily pickets: hotline

You can now read NYPROTEST in any combination of these formats:

– Receive only this two-per-week calendar mailing

– Search the instant archive of announcements on the web

– Check the googlecalendar (in “wall calendar” layout)

– Subscribe to the one-daily summary listing links to latest announcements

– Use the RSS news feed

NYPROTEST will not continue without new volunteers. Just 20 minutes per week from any home computer! This project depends also on the tech volunteers over at listserv providers riseup.net, whose equipment is purchased only by our donations.
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