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I am always interested in reading the news. I watch, listen to or read the daily news whenever I can online or in print. Enter The News Room. News you can use. TheNewsRoom’s website is great for reading the news online. Their site has all of the wire news feeds such as Reuters, Associated Press, CBS News, NHL, VIBE, News USA, Medialink, Insider Medicine, Business Wire, Al Bawaba, El Universal and many others that offer video, audio, text, and image news content from the top sources around the world. You can find Local, World, Business, Politics, Health, Science, Entertainment, Life and Sports news at their site. What’s really great and different about this news site is that you can mash and embed news content, text, images, videos and news feeds on to your site and get paid for it. Each time news content mashed from TheNewsRoom is viewed on your site, you earn money via advertising share. You’ll also earn money when someone mashes content from your site and it is viewed on theirs. Now that sounds awesome. You can also earn vacations, cars and other prizes when you participate. There are thousands of videos and articles to choose from. I embedded the following video from their site and their videos are super easy to embed. If you are a website publisher or blogger who wants to earn money by embedding quality news on your site, you can join TheNewsRoom for free, mash for cash and start earning today. This is a sponsored post.

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