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This Car

And so here I go again wondering what to blah blog about today in the blogosphere of a quadrillion zillion bloggers. And this posting seems take me to the subject of the car lease, cars, automobiles, and more care. And what was life like before the invention of cars anyway during those horse and buggy days? And what would Robert Moses, the guy who built highways for cars, and Critical Mass and Transportation Alternatives, those bicycle advocate groups have to say about cars? Well, I know I see cars everywhere on the streets here in New York City, and many of them as a way to get around town. And then there is that topic of gas, oil, petroleum, and more gas, and maintaining a car and the parking tickets that goes along with the car in this town. And that’s a whole another blog posting. Well if you happen to be in the U.K. looking for an alternative way to buy a new car or a second hand car for whatever reason, BuyYourCar offers and extensive search option database of new cars, used cars, and contract for hire car specials at great prices for your budget, make or model of car. Each new leased vehicle found on their website comes with a full U.K. warranty and low lease rates. BuyYourCar works very closely with franchised dealers and car brokers all across the U.K. and they make it easy for you to lease a new car if you are not yet looking to buy a new car. You can also buy new cars, sell your car, find out about car insurance, car loans, and advertise your car at their website. BuyYourCar is all cars all the time.

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Parking in a No Police State World

What is is about having an automobile and parking in this town? I’m still stuck in bicycle land as a pedestrian. New York is a pedestrian town. One needs a full time job just to afford a car here. I realize the troubles of having a car in New York from hearing horror stories from friends and by riding around with them in their cars sometimes. Between looking for parking spaces and driving around in circles for hours at a time and then when you finally do find a parking space, half of the parking meters are broken, and then you are subject to parking tickets and having your car towed just for parking and the towing of cars and parking tickets is the biggest money racket I have ever seen in New York. And the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can be your worst nightmare. One can consider renting monthly parking garages for parking space but their monthly rent costs more than the rent for my apartment. And then one has to arrange their life around their car with these off the side of the street parking rules, another money racket, by having to get up at insanely early hours every day just to move you car across the street. And the insurance rates here are one of the highest in the nation to where one considers getting out of town license plates just to save money. And that’s not even including the cost of maintainence. Cars are great, they are helpful, but if I ever got one, I would need to find a job just to support it. Have a great day.