Kansas City Missouri. Black Lives Matter

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And I have been to Kansas City before throughout my travels here on planet earth.  And this time it was for a funeral that I visited that 8-Square-Mile “Murder Factory” zip code of 64130 that I saw the People’s City at Occupy City Hall Kansas City from the bus from the airport that I find myself blogging about.  And in the midst of a panicdemic and going to that funeral and listening to His Eye Is On The Sparrow and Stairway to Heaven at the service, it was also an attempt to vend those Black Lives Matter necklaces, magnets, key chains & pins and display those your thoughts on black lives matter banners at J.C. Nichols Fountain .  There has been protests at the Country Club Plaza to rename Kansas City’s J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain. J.C. Nichols use of “restrictive covenants”—barring African-Americans from buying or renting homes in his subdivisions are to blame for the stark segregation and racial divides that still exist throughout the metro.  

And everyone was at the Kansas City Chiefs game, a drum circle was going on,  a barbecue was later and a Blue Lives Matter rally was on the way that day at Occupy City Hall Kansas City.  The great reset, new world order temperature checks required for entry. And the flyer that I picked up from The People’s City reception table read:

“KC: The city of killer cops

The people demand justice

Why we’re occupying city hall

On September 30th, Deja Stallings, at nine months pregnant, was assaulted by KCPD, the video that surfaced is one in a long line of brutal police attacks on black and brown people in Kansas City

We are occupying because we have had enough. Deja’s case is not an isolated event; black women like Deja are some of the most marginalized and endangered people in our society and shouldn’t have to live in fear of being attacked by the police.

We know that abolition is the path to transformative justice. We fight to live in a world where black lives are truly affirmed, protected and liberated.

The Demands

1. Fire Chief Rick Smith and officer Newton who brutalized Deja.

2, Fire all officers who have killed black victims in Kansas City

3. Divest 50% from KCPD’s $273 million budget

4. Reinvest the KCPD budget into resources that support the black community including education, healthcare and housing.

How Can You Help?

– Occupying with us outside of city hall

– Bring the occupiers supplies such as food, water & blankets

– Donate to local groups like Black Rainbow and the KC Community Bail Fund

– Email BOPC@kcpd.org & demand they vote to terminate Rick Smith


For more information….

Stacy Shaw @Stacyshawlaw

Black Rainbow @Blackrainbw

KC Community Bail @kcbailund

Fund Project

And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State. Black Lives Matter. Occupy Wall Street Worldwide.


The Shadow Presents: An Autumn in Tompkins Square Park























And in the midst of all of those Black Lives Matter protests going on, and that scary virus that came from out of nowhere earlier this year to where it now seems like that mayan calendar date wants to read 12.21.2021 instead of 12.21.2012 or something, there was another one of those The Shadow Tompkins Square Park concerts that took place at Tompkins Square Park this past weekend, after that scary virus that came from out of nowhere appeared. And it was another concert that I found myself attempting to vend that Black Lives Matter jewelry at and displaying those your thoughts on black lives matter banners at, along with other arts and crafts vendors at this event. And Chris Flash’s The Shadow Presents: Autumn in Tompkins Square Park Facebook event invite read as follows:

Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM

It’s that lovely time of year when neighbors get together to celebrate the cultural vitality of their community in our beloved Tompkins Square Park.

in addition to speakers, information tables with local crafts, we will have the following musical talents:

 > The Acute — 2:00> Evil Kim Evil — 2:30
> Acorn Slim (with Dead Dean) — 3:00
> Jennifer Blowdryer Soul Experience (with Robert Aaron + Nikki Fuse) — 3:30
> SEWAGE (with Spike Polite) — 4:00
> Skitzopolis — 4:30
> Soul Cake — 5:00
> Rebelmatic (with surprise guest CV) — 5:30
> The Love Pirates — 6:00
> Grace The Enemy — 6:30
> Ruckus Interruptus — 7:00

AND: Seth Tobocman (WW# Illustrated) will do a slide show with Eric Blitz and John Wagner.

Brought to you by: The SHADOW, John Gabriel, Eddie Mack, the undying spirit of Uncle Don Yippie and….THOSE F*CKING ANARCHISTS!! 

And Chilis on Wheels were serving some really good vegan food as they seem to do on Saturday’s in this park and extinction rebellion youth had an XR Youth NYC Guerrilla Flea Market on this day also. Climate change is real. And after the Parks Department showed up to shut down that concert a few minutes early, or on the dot, or near the very end, I guess, as in that blurry photo that finds itself posted above,  Seth’s slideshow started, in the dark, in what seemed like a few hours after the concert had ended. And it was an Occupy Wall Street mic check kind of a slide show without a mic. And if my ears heard correctly, he introduced Michelle Shocked who played a few songs into the night, as in that other blurry and dark photo that finds itself posted above.  And what else is there that can I say about this concert that has not already been said in all of the photos that have already been posted in social media land, except to say that between the bands, the merchandise tables, the vendors, the dancing, the music, music  and more music, it seemed to be a great day for another outdoor show and concert in the park. Have a great Tompkins Square Park concert day and more.


A Tompkins Square Arts + Book Fair!






















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Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blagh. And in the midst of that scary virus that came from out of nowhere, and other headline news of the day, there was a  Tompkins Square Arts + Book Fair! at Tompkins Square Park this past weekend.  I know because that Facebook event invite that reads like as follows says so:

Saturday, September 12, 2020 at 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

The first annual TOMPKINS SQUARE Arts + Crafts and Book Fair is ON!

Come and get works of art, hand made crafts, books, records, videos, and more, all offered by members of your community on the Lower East Side.

There will also be book readings, musicians and speakers.

At dusk, we will be showing the amazing film called LOOSE CHANGE.

LOOSE CHANGE is an in-depth documentary created by students who originally sought to make a documentary that supported the official government version of the incredible events of September 11, 2001. However, as their project progressed, it became clear to them that the official story was NOT credible and that the TRUTH is a whole lot worse than the narrative of foreign terrorists hijacking commercial jets in the US and then crashing them.

LOOSE CHANGE, created on the smallest imaginable budget by students, is superior to anything churned out by state media that backs the govt’s LIES about “9-11”.

Come see LOOSE CHANGE in our beloved Tompkins Square Park and decide for yourself.

[Those interested in participating in selling, trading or giving stuff away (there are NO fees!) can either email us at: shadowpress@rocketmail.com or just come on down.]

And it was also another attempt for me to vend those DecorForU black lives matter, s#!t just got real, not my president, no police state, occupy wall street, yoga, squat, the shadow,  museum of reclaimed urban space , tompkins square park, brooklyn & I love new york necklaces, magnets, key chains & pins for $2 each again. And it was also another one of those Saturdays where Pinc Louds was playing there again. And Pinc Louds gets everyone to dance, dance and more dancing.  And Pinc Louds shared the stage with other artists and performers from the arts and book fair on this day.  And there were other vendors, and food carts, and cheap clothes for sale on this day, something similar to one of those park yard sale bazaars maybe. And The Shadow, who sponsored this event, had their The Shadow Newspaper and other Shadow merchandise for sale on their merchandise table. And as the day wore on and dusk appeared, and Pinc Louds Christmas lights went on into the night as they played, Chris Flash‘s 9/11 film appeared for film night, as some of those photos posted above tell a story.  And Chris Flash’s Shows in Tompkins Square Park are having another concert September 26th—-COME ON DOWN!!! Bring your dancing shoes I guess. #blacklivesmatter


Extinction Rebellion at Central Park, NYC. #blacklivesmatter





















extinction rebellion had a September Rebellion Kick Off! and a September Rebellion: Amazonia or Bolsonaro? Which Side are You on? event at Central Park this past Labor Day weekend. I know because their facebook page says so.  And it was another attempt to vend that Black Lives Matter jewelry near their event and to vend those DecorForU Black Lives Matter, S#!t Just Got Real, Not My President, Occupy Wall Street, No Police State, Yoga, Brooklyn and I love New York necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins for $2 each near their 9/7 Rebel Fest after they passed through Bethesda Fountain.  And apparently  climate change protesters scaled that Columbus Circle globe and hung a banner that read CLIMATE JUSTICE NOW!, all to the soundtrack of jazz street performers playing in front of the globe

 extinction rebellion NYC is a global climate justice movement using nonviolent direct action to pressure governments to address the climate and ecological emergency. 


9/13  Extinction Rebellion Action @ Battery Park

9/17  Animal Rebellion @ Foley Square 4PM

9/20 March for Climate Justice Through Racial Justice

And as I type this blog post there are headlines that read Large swaths of the West Coast burn in unprecedented wildfires, the skies have turned red and ‘Unprecedented’ wildfires rage across the US West Coast.

Join The September Rebellion. #climatechangeisreal  #blacklivesmatter


extinction rebellion. Climate Change is Real











“Join XR NYC THIS SEPTEMBER!  EXTINCTION REBELLION is a global nonviolent movement working to compel the world’s government to address the climate & ecological emergency.”
Those are part of the words on a SEPTEMBER 9/7 REBELLION flyer that I received this past weekend, when I attempted to vend those DecorForU Black Lives Matter, S#!t Just Got Real, Not My President, Occupy Wall Street, Yoga, No Police State, Museum of Reclaimed Urban SpaceWashington Square Park, Brooklyn and I Love New York necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins for $2 each next to extinction rebellion‘s extinction rebellion NYC Rebel Fest Gathering event at Washington Square Park this past weekend.  And the description of their event invite reads like as follows:

Sunday, August 30, 2020 1:00 PM 5:00 PM
Washington Square Park 5th Ave & Washington Square N
New York, NY, 10012 United States  


You are invited to Rebel Fest! Together, we will reclaim our power by openly and joyfully defying the current systems of oppression and creating the more beautiful world we want. 
Join us as we gather in community, have fun, make art, share food, and inspire each other!

Schedule of events: 1pm – Gather in the park near the fountain. Enjoy snacks, mingle, and make art 

2pm – Kickoff to the Rebellion. Get to know your fellow Rebels and hear more about the exciting new campaign demanding REAL democracy here in NYC! 

Please bring some light snack food to share, if you’d like and are able! 

Please wear a mask and observe proper physical distancing. We will have hand sanitizer and some PPE to share.

And extinction rebellion NYC seems to have extinction rebellion NYC events on what seems like a daily basis in the New York City area to save the environment and save the world.

You can also join their XR community for weekly virtual, playful, regenerative dance parties as well. Everyone’s welcome!

And I am not exactly sure what extinction rebellion is, though I have seen those extinction rebellion flyers around on light poles in the streets of New York City the past year or so, and I could only figure out that the extinction rebellion symbol had something to do with climate change and saving humanity from extinction, from disappearing off the face of the planet, though I think it is Albert Einstein who once said that if the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would have only four years left to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.

And there is also a How Green Is My City Exhibition Tour at Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space – MORUS, that radical history museum in New York City’s Lower East Side, September 25th 6pm.
This exhibition is led by the director of Green Maps. The exhibition is brought to you through a special partnership between the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS) and the Green Map System, and also an Opening with Live Virtual Tour: How Green Is My City? September 6th.  In the basement level of MoRUS, explore a special temporary exhibit featuring photos, art, and barricades from the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations. “Plywood Windows of SoHo: Black Lives Matter” is curated by James Hong with photographs by Hong and George Hirose. The partial Marsha P. Johnson mural is done by street artist Captain Eyeliner (instagram: @captain_eyeliner).

And some of those photos from this extinction rebellion REBEL FEST day at Washington Square Park, find themselves posted in those photos and videos above. Join the September 9/7 Rebellion. To all the good samaritans in New York City and beyond. Thank You. #climatechangeisreal #blacklivesmatter


A HOBO Theater Blast From The Past

stan rlf bobby death announcement (1)





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tompkins 5 tree ii

tompkins 2

tompkins 3

And so this blog post, this passage, happens to be about one of those blast from the past Facebook messages I got from Angel the other day, about HOBO Theater company and KITCHEN, a theater company consisting mostly of homeless and squatters, that I rehearsed and acted with back in my homeless days in New York City, about 30 years ago. And he found me from Stan Mack, who documented HOBO Theater in his Stan Mack’s Real Life Funnies in the late 80’s.  And this was an era before the age of the internet, social media and the digital age, where one could document things more easily. And some of those I guess you can call it underground or progressive groups have become a forgotten part of time. Unforgotten Voices, a homeless artists group that I once participated in can be one of them. It was the era of the 80’s and 90’s, of Tompkins Square Park and Tent City , an era that Amy Starecheski documents in her Ours to Lose WHEN SQUATTERS BECAME HOMEOWNERS IN NEW YORK CITY book, it’s description that reads: “Though New York’s Lower East Side today is home to high-end condos and hip restaurants, it was for decades an infamous site of blight, open-air drug dealing, and class conflict—an emblematic example of the tattered state of 1970’s and ’80’s Manhattan……”.  And it was also an era of when I met Bobby Fuller when he was recruiting people from Kochville, a 200 day encampment at New York City Hall Park in 1989, to be a part of his HOBO Theater Company. This City Hall Park encampment was something similar to the more recent Occupy City Hall.  And so Angel wanted to get whoever was still around 30 years later after HOBO Theater had disappeared, together for a memorial for Bobby, for his wife’s Chea’s birthday, via a virtual zoom video conferencing meeting. And this email thread for the zoom meeting, titled “Merrie Melodies and the Toons that knew em”, consisted of myself, Stan Mack, Casey, Angel, Mary Beth, Dave, Jack and Liz.  And it is Chea that I remember as an infant of 1 years old with her mother Mary Beth and dad Bobby at those HOBO Theater rehearsals and events, mostly at a squat in the Lower East Side, before her dad, Bobby, passed away of cancer in 1989 when she was 1 years old.  And Chea is how I remember the passage of time, as she is now 31 years old, with her own family, 30 years after Bobby passed away. And I missed that zoom meeting as I attempted to vend that DecorForU  Black Lives Matter jewelry at Washington Square Park the other day. Though Dave and Chea shared some really interesting blast from the past photos from HOBO Theater 30 years ago, including one of that Hare Krishna tree in Tompkins Square Park where Bobby’s ashes were scattered, that find themselves posted in those photos above. And I was able to add a couple of blast from the past photos to this blog post also. And so fast forward in time, to current events of the year 2020, 30 years later. These are now the days of that scary virus that came from out of nowhere earlier this year and Black Lives Matter protests seemingly on a daily basis, and both have gone global. And I guess because of this coronavirus panicdemic, old New York is back and everything old is new again. Babylon is falling as New York City slides back into the 70’s and 80’s with headlines of the day that read like: Escape From New York: Wealthy Residents Flee In Droves As The City Degenerates Into A HellholeRetail Chains Abandon Manhattan: ‘It’s Unsustainable’NYC moms fleeing Upper West Side amid crime and chaosNew York City may take YEARS to recover after mass exodusA mad rush for the exits as New York City goes down the tubesNew York has grappled with gentrification for years. Covid has brought it to a headEmpty apartments in Manhattan reach record high, topping 13,000ATM ripped out of Manhattan deli as new crime ‘trend’ hits NYCNew York City is dead forever and Hollywood’s Apocalypse NOW: Rich and famous are fleeing in droves as liberal politics and coronavirus turn City of Dreams into cesspit plagued by junkies and violent criminals. And I can’t really think of any way to end this blog post, that seems to be about theater, birth, life, death and the passage of time, except to say, the only thing constant is change and it is given to us all an appointment once to die, and one generation passes away and another one comes but the earth abides forever.  Have a great HOBO Theater Company and KITCHEN blast from the past day. In Memory Of.





The Tompkins Square Park Concert That Almost Didn’t Happen



















20200801_203843 (1)


And so it was another day that I found myself attempting to vend those DecorForU Jewelry , necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins for $2 each at Tompkins Square Park yesterday, and it was also another day that I found myself taking a bunch of photos of people holding those Fly Orr PANicDEMIC flyers  again and taking a bunch of photos of DJ Spike PolitePinc Louds  who has been playing at Tompkins Square Park  and that Tompkins Square Park Police Riot 32nd Anniversary (1988-2020) concert yesterday, with the text to that concert flyer reading like as follows:

“First Show of the Season !
Finally.. A 2 Day Special Acoustic Chapter .. First Ever Acoustic Show in over 30 years.. Acorn Slim Scott Newman and John Lane Dean Rane Gass Wild
Rew Starr Dead Dean Chris Iconicide Spike Polite. And SEWAGE and Direct From Long Island.. The Beautiful
Karen Bella.. Its Saturday and Sunday Friends.. ( This Weekend ) So Lets All Show Up.. Like we Always do, Support Our Locals. And have a Great Time ” ….. 🖤😎😷😈🤘
Taking Over- “OUR PARK “

Tompkins Square Park, August 1st-2nd, 1pm
Both Daze ….”

And there was a moment before the concert began when someone from the New York City Parks department came from out of nowhere and tried to shut that concert down, though in the end, the concert was allowed to proceed.  And there was a moment when Pinc Louds played at that Riot Reunion concert for one quick second, and then they went off to play at that Temperance Fountain during that Riot Reunion concert yesterday, as in some of those photos and videos that find themselves posted above. And there was a moment when @iamrandyluna shared this instagram story of my black lives matter jewelry on his instagram page.  And there was music, music and more music again. And they played into the night at Tompkins Square Park. Bring your dancing shoes to Tompkins Square Park I guess. #blacklivesmatter


A PANicDEMIC And A Black Lives Matter Protest


102695921_578925956147991_8034029091073390675_n (1)





















safe_image (1)


And in the midst of the coronapocalypse, the control a virus, the PANicDEMIC, the pandemicthe plannedemicscamdemic or whatever you want to call that scary virus that came from out of nowhere in the year 2020, and now nationwide and seemingly worldwide protests that have seemingly turned into riots for George Floyd and all victims of police brutality, I have found myself attempting to vend those DecorForU Black Lives Matter and S#!t Just Got Real necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins for $2 each at Tompkins Square Park the past few weeks or so, so much that I have come across a couple of The People March Black Lives Matter protests at Washington Square Park, Union Square Park and Tompkins Square Park and there are these photos that I have taken in my travels that I find myself posting in this blog post. And there are no words that I can think of again to say for these crazy times we are living in, as I start to wonder if it’s the end of the world or the end of the world as we know it. And fly_peops PANicDEMIC flyers were handed out to people at Tompkins Square Park and a few flyers were taken to Occupy City Hall this past weekend, and unless it rains or I get shut down, I am planning to vend #blacklivesmatter.#S#!tJustGotReal #notmypresident #occupywallstreet #nopolicestate #yoga #morus #theshadow #squat #tompkinssquarepark #eastvillage #lowereastside #brooklyn & #iloveny necklaces, magnets, key chains & pins for $2 each at Tompkins Square Farmers Market this Sunday, 1-4pm for anyone who may be interested. I am planning to wear a mask and observe social distance
Because hey, s#!t just got real. #coronavirus


And I don’t know who wrote this, though I find myself posting the words to that photo above that I came across in internetland:

I don’t know who wrote this,

but 👏❤️ It’s probably the most powerful words the world could ever hear!

We fell asleep in one world, and woke up in another.

Suddenly Disney is out of magic,

Paris is no longer romantic,

New York doesn’t stand up anymore,

the Chinese wall is no longer a fortress, and Mecca is empty.

Hugs & kisses suddenly become weapons, and not visiting parents & friends becomes an act of love.

Suddenly you realise that power, beauty & money are worthless, and can’t get you the oxygen you’re fighting for.

The world continues its life and it is beautiful. It only puts humans in cages. I think it’s sending us a message:

“You are not necessary. The air, earth, water and sky without you are fine. When you come back, remember that you are my guests. Not my masters.”

And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State. #blacklivesmatter


Images of a Boarded Up New York City
























And in addition to that Images of an NYC Protest Aftermath for George Floyd blog post that I posted on my other blagh last week with images of boarded up buildings, the aftermath Black Lives Matter protests and riots, I thought I would post a few more photos of a surreal New York and seemingly a nation of boarded up windows, doors and buildings that one can see just walking around Manhattan and that city of New York. And so I guess I’ll just post that same text that I posted on my other blog last week because hey, it’s less writing sometimes.

“At first it was the Coronavirus, the coronapocalypse, the control a virus, the pandemicthe plannedemicscamdemic or whatever you want to call that scary virus that came from out of nowhere in the year 2020. And now it is nationwide and seemingly worldwide protests that have seemingly turned into riots for George Floyd and all victims of police brutality. And whatever happened to social distancing for a virus in the middle of a protest? And so now that Facebook and Instagram feed has changed from all things coronavirus to all things George Floyd and Black Lives Matter literally overnight. And words are passing me by in commentary in what seems like a revolution similar to those Martin Luther King marches during the civil rights movements era. And both this coronavirus and now these Black Lives Matter protests, riots and rebellions against racism and police violence seem to be somewhere in between a new world order, a police state and martial law to me. And the images of these protests and marches in protest of police brutality seem to be met with even more horrifying images of police brutality and the horrifying images of police brutality seems to be global. And words are passing me by again to comment on everything that is happening in the world now, except to post these images of an aftermath of fires and broken windows and burned out police vehicles, looted stores and boarded up buildings in New York City for George Floyd and all victims of police brutality. And there are more images of this aftermath of a protest to be found at evgrieve.com. And today is Blackout Tuesday in solidarity against all forms of racism, violence and discrimination. Stop Killing Black People. Is another world possible. And as I type this blog post there seems to be curfews, also known as martial law, in New York City and other states, as a result of these riots. Babylon has fallen. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State. #blacklivesmatter

And then there is this video of a boarded up nation across America.

proxy (1)


And then there is this End of the world: Mayan doomsday resurgence after ‘we are technically in 2012’ claim mayan conspiracy article , (two photos above..), that I came across today in internetland that caught my attention, that says something about:

END OF THE WORLD fears have resurged after online users wildly claimed the Julian calendar, which was used until the 1500s, would place Earth in the year 2012, not 2020, potentially meaning the Mayan’s doomsday prediction could still unravel.

““When the world switched to the Gregorian calendar in the 1700s, we lost around eight years in translation. So yes technically this year is 2012.”

Can we fact check the Mayan calendar?

And what again, does any of this have to do with a No Police State.


5G and a Coronavirus








And that Gregorian calendar now finds itself in the new year 2020 since I last signed in to this blog to blagh about something. And in between the Australia bushfires, hailstorms and dust storms, the Puerto Rico and Turkey earthquakes, the locust swarms in Africa, the floods in Indonesia, the volcanoes in the Philippines, the tornadoes in Alabama, the threat of World War 3, the Paris protests and that Saturn Pluto in conjuntion with Capricorn transit, the most important transit in a decade that usually comes with war thing, it seems to be enough to make me want to hide out under a rock. But it is that Coronavirus that seems to be associated with Corona beer that finds itself in the headlines this new year that has caught my attention, and I think everyone’s attention also, as some scary virus that has reached epidemic and pandemic levels according to headline news, so much that after I started reading articles in socialmedialand with words such as:



“Three Chinese cities with population of 20 million have been put on lockdown in an attempt to contain the deadly coronavirus, banned transport links from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province and nearby central Chinese cities of Huanggang and Ezhou”

that I found myself posting passages like:

“Immune function is reduced by electromagnetic waves. A new type of corona-virus detected = unexplained pneumonia in China. Wuhan is China’s first 5G trial city  (5800 base stations already-want 10,000) Another worrying aspect of the #5G global crisis. #Stop5G #Stop4GLTE #health #coronavirus “


” 5G weakens the immune system. Wuhan, China is the test site for a new 5G highway system with driverless cars. It’s one of the largest 5G test sites with 10,000 5G Base stations. Many predicted a risk of viral or bacterial outbreaks in such high-density EMF” #coronavirus #stop5g

and then…..

carlanpsg has just discovered that you do not mention #stop5g or #coronavirus in the same sentence or your twitter account will get shut down and your facebook account will get restricted. whatever happened to freedom of speech. @npsgirl 

as a result of posting those two paragraphs above everywhere on npsgirl twitter page that has since been suspended and that Carla Npsg Facebook page that has since been restricted as a result.

And I am not sure if it is just me in hypochondriac mode, as from what I am reading in internetland, stores are selling out of face masks everywhere as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

And so back to that 5G and coronavirus thing that gave me a host of social media comments like:

Got to love @npsgirl and her conspiracy theories. Apparently, 5G weakens your immune system and wearing Airpods is like microwaving your head. I bet she’s using wired internet. Better be safe, eh?


There is only 300 base stations for a start so it makes your point absolute bull shit.


You can protect yourself from the 5G if you fashioned a hat out of tinfoil and wear it whenever you use your phone.


No def not the problem. More likely The biolab level 4 30minutes driving from the epicenter since it is a level 4 virus and a dokter disappeared after getting sick there according to some sources


Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the bio lab they have in Wuhan moreso than 5G internet


I don’t know if it’s true or not, but apparently, 5G was tested somewhere in the UK, & all the birds fell from the sky, & died. I saw a vid on here about it, but I can’t remember the source.

and a bunch of other comments.

and then Twitter suspended that account I have used of ten or so years. Dear Twitter, can I please have that account back?

And this corona virus epidemic seems to be ongoing as I type this blog post, and China is collapsing as Coronavirus was declared global health emergency by WHO today.

and then ditto, this notification days later, after twitter unsuspended that twitter account:

Replying to @Alun_B @npsgirl and 7 others
China’s first trial 5G wireless network on a college campus has been established in the Huazhong University. So far, China Mobile has installed 100 5G base stations in #Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, and is launching large-scale tests… #WuhanCoronavirus

and then ditto again, a week later, this message seen in a reddit inbox

Wuhan is the first town in China that have started 5g in large scale, one of the first in the world, so basically the whole city is an experiment. And 5g is said by its detractors to create flu-symptoms and lowered immune systems. And The wuhanese have been living with it since Halloween 2019.

And then ditto again: This super trippy comment appears a few months later on that Stop 5G USA Facebook group that reads something like:

“7 coincidences:5G deployed coronavirus 2019.-4G deployed virus H1N1 2009.-The 3G was introduced in 2003,the same year as the outbreak of SARS.-2G deployed Cholera 1991.-1G deployed influenza 1979.-The introduction of Spanish radio flu 1918.Pasteur when he analyzed the rabies in 1890 produced by the electromagnetic fields generated by the Morse and the telegraph..You see a pattern here? 7 coincidences”.

and ditto yet again, a few months later after I originally posted this blog post. A Facebook post for those asking about 5G that I can across in facebookland with text that reads like as follows:

5G is an improvement over 4G it is 10x faster than 4G. 5G is not the 666 but 5G is part of the medium for introducing the 666. How ? Now look at this.

With a 5G phone!you don’t need to move around with your Phone, You just keep it at home. But a MicroChip will be implanted under your skin! With that Micro Chip. you can answer your phone with your body and you can call someone with your body without using phone. The device can read your mind,They know your next action before you do it.

With a 5G and the Implant MicroChip you don’t need an International Passport at the air port and you can do any bank transaction any where in the world. And that means you can use it to buy and sale.

(Can you see that BUYING AND SELLING, Rev 13 ) Tomorrow a leader would rise up and say nobody should buy and sale until you have that MicroChip (666) clearly that’s what the Bible warned us, 2000 years ago. etc;……..


and then ditto yet again, still a few months later after I posted this blog post, I came across this photo in facebookland with text on it that reads:

Obey social distancing. Because facial resognition software doesn’t work properly when people are close to each other. calibrating 5G #stop5g #socialdistancing

And there’s no other words I can think of to add to this post at the moment except the hashtags that I added to this #stop5g Flickr photo that I have since found myself updating as the days go by:

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Who is able to make war with the beast. Is martial law and the new world order here yet? And what, if anything, does this have to do with a no police state?